Lex Talionis

About Us

Law Enforcement has simply not been able to properly share information, connect the dots with serious offender in relation to high profile cases, and our system has failed to incarcerate Sex Offenders & Child Sexual Predators. For this reason Lex Talionis, a State of the Art Database to Protect Children has been formed. This Database will revolutionize the way these extremely dangerous Child Predators are kept track of and prevented from ever being able to take another child walking home from school only to be raped, tortured, and murdered. We are the solution and we will now connect the dots. Law Enforcement & a broken system had their chance and failed miserably. Lex Talionis will be the go to database here forward for Private Parties, Law Enforcement, and anyone in fear of being Harassed, Stalked, or pursued by a Child Sex Predator.

CEO Michael W. Bland – Lex Talionis

How Lex Talionis Works

We catalog information, intelligence, and anonymous tips in regards to Sex Offenders, Child Abductors, Child Rapists, Child Murderers, Sex Trafficking Rings, Child Pornography Rings and anyone else who seeks to target Children for Sex Crimes.

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